Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Digital Rebel XTi Suited Up And Ready For Battle

With assistance from a friend, I recently was able to upgrade my Canon Digital Rebel XTi 400D.

First, I recieved the new Tamron 18-250 Di-II lens that I've had on order since January. Although it'll be a while before I can try it out, I'm excited about the extra 50mm of range. Previously, I used the Tamron 18-200 Di-II, and used it exclusively. I found it to be an excllent walkaround lens. With it's wide angle and zoom, I never needed to use or change lens. If interested, I may be selling my Tamron 18-200, it's a great lens- you've seen my shots with it on this site.

The second updgrade to my camera was "Camera Armor"http://www.camerarmor.com/This is a rubber shell that encases my camera body, a plastic shiled over my LCD screen, and a rubber piece that fits over my lens. All the controls are stilll very accesible. My camera does take a lot of abuse, and I think this will help to protect it. My Digital Rebel 300D was exposed to rain, smoke, falls, etc and I wish I had this then, although knock on wood my D-Reb 300D was tough and never failed me.

(Thanks to Kristen for typing this post for me)