Thursday, March 29, 2007

"COPS" Episodes Featuring Cpl. Anthony Damiano

Has anyone seen the COPS episodes featuring this guy?

They are my favorite episodes because of him. I wish they would ride with him again. He is to Police what Frankie and T-Mac are to firefighting.

[quote]The gruff bluster alternating with tenderness of Cpl. Anthony Damiano
of the Passaic County, New Jersey Sheriff's Department proved so popular that he
became the only police officer to receive an entire 30 minute episode devoted to
him entitled "Jersey Cop".

Corporal Anthony Damiano is a police officer of the Passaic County, New
Jersey Sheriff's Department. He was featured on several 2004 episodes of the TV
series COPS where he could switch from fatherly compassion to a no-nonsense
drill sergeant-like gruffness when he felt that a suspect was not cooperating.
He is fond of shouting what, are you kiddin me?! while pursuing

Some of my other favorite COPS episodes is where they pursue the suspect into a lake (this season) in Brevard County, FL, the America's Most Wanted crossover episode where John Walsh rode along and actually capture a AMW person, and the on featuring Jersey City PD Offcier Rick "JCPDESU" Garrison when he was a patrol officer and investigated a guy locked in a container.

Oh, and who could not love Tased and Confused - All perpetrators were apprehended with the use of a TASER (electronic stunning device) at the time of arrest.

Just last week, I saw COPS had some new footage from Boston. That's awesome, because it seems a majority of their footage was coming from Florida and Palm Springs, CA lately. I like the episodes in diverse, interesting cities such as when they filmed in Maui.

I hope COPS rides with Cpl. Anthony Damiano again- anybody know where he is now?