Friday, March 09, 2007

10-13 Benefit For Stu Cohen, PD/FD MOS

While on duty, after executing search warrants at a heroin stash house in Hartsdale in December, Senior Investigator Stuart Cohen of the Westchester County District Attorneys Narcotic Iniative (W-DANI) contracted a severe, and mysterious illness. Stu has been hospitalized since December 10th, 2006, and is presently at the I.C.U. at Cornell in Manhattan. Extensive medical exams were conducted, with no diagnosis made. Unfortunetly, Stu has lapsed into a coma, wherehe remains to this date. In the near future, Stu is expected to be transferred to a long term care facility more suitable for coma patients. Needless to say, Stu, his wife, and his two young daughters have a long road to recovery ahead of them.

Stu is a former officer with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority PD, and the Hastings Police Department. Stu is also a volunteer firefighter with Hastings FD and a karate instructor in his off duty time.

In light of these tragic events and due to increasing and anticipated medical costs, which his family will occur, we are asking you to join us at a 10-13 benefit to support his family

DATE: Sunday, April 29th 2007
TIME: 4PM to ????
PLACE: The Thirsty Turtle, 201 East Post Road in White Plains

$25.00 Donation at the door
D.J., Live Band, 50/50 raffles, T-Shirts, Food, and Drinks

Please make all donations payable to:
W.C.D.A.I. P.B.A.
P.O. Box 326
White Plains, NY 10602

Contact Info:
Inv. Dennis Gallego 914-447-2806
Inv. Murph Whalen 914-490-7834
Inv. Juan Rodriguez 917-709-4476
Inv. Trevor Luiso 447-2805

Please pass the word around, and post this information whereever you can.