Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Korn: Unpluged

Last night, I Tivo'd something rare on

At about 3:30 this morning, MTV had a half hour special of a popular longtime series...MTV Unplugged. The artist this of my favorite bands of all times, KORN. It was awesome. Amy Lee from Evanesence came and did a duet with Jonathan for "Freak On A Leash". KORN also played a cover song from Radiohead- "Creep". Also, "Make Me Bad" was played with "The Cure"

It was a great performance. More information can be found on Korn's website:

Korn has released an Unpluged album today, which I'll have to download from iTunes. I highly reccomend it.

Last time I saw them live was at the "Pop Sucks" tour at Continental Airlines Arena in December of 2001. That was the first time I saw Korn live, and touring with the was Disturbed. Can't get better then that combo!

(Typed by Kristen)