Sunday, October 29, 2006

x635's Camera Fleet With New Addition

One of the questions I'm asked the most about my photos is "what are you shooting with?"

I actually shoot with two primary cameras. For when I am going to on vacation, to shoot something for the site, or recretionally, I use a Canon Digital Rebel 300D 6.3 MP with Tamron Xi 18-200 digital lens. To carry with me everyday everywhere and to work, I use a Canon Powershot Elph. On Wednesday, I purchased a brand new Canon SD600 6.0 MP Digital Elph to upgrade from my Canon S500.

Here's my camera fleet (photos were taken with Kristen's SD600):

My brand new Canon SD600. Much faster then my S500. This is my primary tactical camera. Like my S500, I also use it to shoot movie and sound clips. I like the Digital Elph series because they have always been durable and Canon cameras are easy to use and photos always come out great. This camera is very, VERY small and the LCD screen is huge. I'm impressed with it so far.

This is my s500. It's been used heavily at work and play for the past 2 years, and has been very durable. I too it everywhere. There is an issue with the lens/focus motor that I need to have repaired, but once that is done this camera go into fullt equipped spare status.

This is the camera that started it all. My very first digital camera, a Canon S110 2.1 MP. This camera is now in reserve status.

And the workhorse of the fleet, my Canon Digital Rebel 300D 6.3MP. This camera has been all over the country with me over the past three or so years I've had it, and taken thousands of photos. I really like the camera, and the Tamron Xi 18-200 lens is great, very versatile "walk around" lens.

So, those are the cameras I use. I'm currently looking to purchase a digital camcorder for shooting movies.
BTW, you may ask why I have spare and reserve cameras. It's because I HAVE to have a camera with me at all times. It never fails that when I don't, I miss a great shot.