Thursday, October 19, 2006

Orginal Carvel Closing

Well, in another blow to Central Avenue retail, Carvel is closing.

This isn't any Carvel. This was THE original Carvel, where Tom Carvel (a former Ardsley resident) founded the store that sparked the famous ice cream soft serve chain. 95 South Central Avenue in Hartsdale is the location. Now I will have no where to walk to to browse through books and get a milkshake on a nice evening off.

There is a sign up, advertising "new development oppurtunity". They have a large piece of property, and this Carvel is falling apart. It's not even owned by Carvel, it's owned by an independent franchisee and he leases the property.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that a nice, down to earth affordable (not cheap!) resturant moves in.

With Barnes and Noble closing, and Treasure Island and the Fine Arts Cinema closed, that leaves very large voids in Central Avenue. We already have an inordinate amount of banks, cell phone stores, pharmacies, dry cleaners, and furnitures stores. Not to mention the banks, which continue to infest and I hear are looking for even more room on Central Avenue. Many bank chains have multiple branches within a mile or two of each other. I hope something that would diversify Central Avenue more will fill these gaping holes.