Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello San Francisco!

This is x635, checking in from one of my new favorite cities, San Francisco. This is my first time here. It's kinda like a West Coast version of Boston. The hills and terrain of this city are insance. It make Yonkers look flat. The city has a really awesome vibe, and can't wait to explore more. The weather is overcast, I wish the sun was out but still great anyways.

Here's my day so far:
I flew into Oakland via jetBlue Flight 93 from JFK. We arrived here at 10:05AM PST, 5 minutes early. Plane I flew on was "Idlewild Blue"

I picked up my rental car, which was a 2006 Ford Explorer I got at a great rate. They offered to upgrade me to a Hummer H3 from $30 a day, but I declined. The Explorer isn't too bad, it's got a decent engine.

When I checked into my hotel, I was starved. I am staying in the Fishermans Wharf area, which is a big time tourist ghetto (has its good things though) and I found this awesome bakery nearby. I had Clam Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, and a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. It was really, really good! I love sourdough bread!

Then, I walked over to Pier 39, where there were hundreds of Sea Lions just lounging around. Very cool site and something I always remembering hearing about when people told me about SF!

They have a really interesting, complicated mass transit system. It's a mix of everything, street cars, cables cars, trains, light rails, bus paths, etc. Some of the buses even run of overhead catineary wire. Here's a streetcar I shot.

It was now time for a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge is awesome, and so well kept! The views from Golden Gate State Park are awesome. Maybe tommorow if I have time and it is nice, I will walk over it.

After checking out the Golden Gate Bride, I was lucky enough to be able to shoot San Francisco Engine 41, a 2006 American LaFrance. It looks even more awesome in person..and the San Francisco firefighters are very nice guys. I know the maroon is a special 2006 edition color scheme to commerate the earthquake, but still should stay on all new deliveries.

And I ALMOST got a great shot of R-1 responding....too much traffic though.

I went by the FD shops, and boy did they have a lot of cool vehicles from different city departments sitting behind the fence. They were closed today, but I hope if I stop back tommorow maybe I can get better shots. This is all I could get, through the barbed wire. The front of the shops seems to be the junkyard, which is the only portion visible from the street.

For those interested, here's a San Francisco Gamewell box

A complete photo spread, including better and bigger version of these photos, will be posted upon my return home in a couple of weeks.
That's it for now. It's off to explore more of San Francisco...think I am going to go over to Ghiardeli's and get something chocolate. Tommorow, I'll be hitting the streets some more to explore this city, before catching a late evening flight down to L.A. Stay tuned!