Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Into The Fire" Hollywood Premiere

On October 13th, The History Channel will premiere a documentary about firefighters entitled "Into The Fire"

"10-13-06 08:00 PM Into the Fire. Firefighters' stories fromaround the nation tell about the risks taken to keepus safe. Academy and Emmy Award-winning documentaryfilmmaker Bill CouturiƩ breaks down the hero myth andgives us a glimpse at the real people. From big citiesand small towns, we meet both volunteer and careerfirefighters and see them portrayed in recenthistorical events. With powerful music from BruceSpringsteen, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits and others, we'lltake an emotional journey into the hearts of firstresponders, that forever changes the way we thinkabout firefighters and the fire service. CC [TVPG]"

They actually had the Hollywood premiere at 1900hrs PST tonight, at the Directors Guild on Sunset Boulevard right down the street from where I am staying. It had the red carpet and everything, even firefighter paparazzi (Me!!) I caught it during my stroll down Sunset. I was actually invited to go last minute today, but I didn't have a suit or tie or a uniform with me but still was fun to see :-(. Here are the photos: