Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Day In The Antelope Valley

Today, I spent the majority of the day touring around the Antelope Valley section of Los Angeles County with my good friend with a ton of LACoFD connections, Orlando. Los Angeles County is HUGE, and so is the FD. Put it like would be like if FDNY Rescue 4 in Queens was in the same department as Poughkeepsie Ladder 2. And all these companies run like crazy.

Upon my return home, there will be a feature on containing more of the photos I took and bigger versions. Here's just a sampling of what I got today:

The photo of the trip. LACoFD's first KME Predator with CAFS, and the first and only with a black over red paint scheme.

LACoFD Quint 33 was in the shop, so they were using a spare. Not often you see a rearmount ladder around here.
A plane at Fox Field at the National Forest Service Air Services Division Angeles National Forest HQ. This plane drops retardant over a large area during brush fires.

Cascade unit at Station 129. Another unique LACoFD piece.

Water Tender 129

The old and the new. Engine 129 using a reserve ALF Century, and LACoFD Engine 33's KME.

LACoFD Brush Dozer

LACoFD Emergency Support Team 129. This unit is from 1991, and a commitee has been formed to determine its replacement. The EST has a pump, small tank, EMS gear, and various tools, and responds as extra manpower or takes the special equipment, such as the water tender, from the station when needed.

China Lake Fire Crash Rescue Truck

LACoFD Paramedic Sqaud 129, using a spare.

Helicopter Tender 129. As you can tell by now, Station 129 is no ordinary fire station. They have LACoFD's North Air Operations (Helicopter), the north Training division, and the north fleet maintance facilities.

LACoFD Spare/Training Ward LaFrance. Just more proof how great these trucks are/were, and many departments to this day still use them.

LACoFD Station 129's Training Tower

The new headquarters of Code 3 Collectibles, on Lemona Drive in Van Nuys, CA. It's right across the street from target, and several homeless guys living in vans. They weren't too freindly about me taking photos of their building from a public roadway. Dissapointing, especially considering how much I used to think of them and how much money I spent with them....only to be shooed away for taking a photo (didn't even walk in or anything)

Johhny Weismuller's (Tarzan and Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer) abandoned and vacant Bel Air estate. It was wiered to see this in the middle of this multi million dollar neighborhood. What fascinates me most about this house is the moat like pool that surrounds the house, so Johnny could swim laps without having to turn around. When me and Kris win the lottery, I am buying this house. Wonder why this hot property hasn't been bought already?

The GPS system in my rental truck. I love the "beanbag" mount, what an ingenious invention! You just throw it up there, and it doesn't move at all! Very cool!

So, that was my day today. Tommorow, I will bum around Santa Monica and Beverly Hills a bit before heading to Long Beach Aiport to fly back home, which is good because I miss Kris and everybody. I am also excited to go to Oregon with Kris on Saturday for a note, that trip is a VACATION for me and won't be blogged.
Stay tuned for the complete set of my LA Trip October 2006 photos coming mid-October to!