Friday, October 20, 2006

Oregon Trip

I have finally posted the photos from my Oregon Trip last week.

Kristen and I went for a week, and visited Bend, Cannon Beach, and then Portland. All had their great qualities, and I really liked Oregon a lot.

Bend was great. Very artsy city, and a lot of it is brand new. It is in the Central Oregon, basically in the middle of nowhere but very cultured. Great resturants, shops, and especially the parks. Very scenic, clean, and quiet. A lot of wealth as well. Best part was the FOOD. LOTS of diverse great places to eat.

Cannon Beach was awesome. Extremly beautiful and scenic. The hotel we stayed at was probaly one of the best I have been to. Hey, you can't beat a room where you can walk right out onto the beach, start a bonfire and watch the sun set, come back inside to a whirlpool tub, and fall asleep listening to the waves lap up against the shore!

Portland is a great city, with an interesting vibe. One of my favorite parts of Portland was Powell Books, a GIGANTIC new and used bookstore. They had numerous books on just about every imaginable subject. I did some damge on the credit card. I only really got to see the Pearl District, where we stayed, but hope to return someday to Portland explore more. And of course, stay at Cannon Beach.

Overall, Oregon is beautiful, and the people are so laid back and friendly. Everything I imagined the Pacific Northwest to be and more.

And how could I forget to mention! The flight was on American Airlines, and for the first time I flew on an MD80! Although they were old, they were in great shape and very comfortable plane to fly in. American's a neat airline, we flew through their huge Chicago O'Hare hub going there, and through their Dallas hub on the way back, which was gigantic! Now I can techically say I've been to Chicago and Dallas.

Don't forget to check out my photos (Well, some were taken by Kristen)