Saturday, September 29, 2007

The x635 Lego Project

Right now, I'm going through an extremly stressful period caused by a few isolated malicous, lying, heartless, and corrupt individuals. Since I'm cleared by my doctors and ready for full duty as a Firefighter again, yet not back at work despite doing all I can do to do to fight the above, I've been looking for ways to keep myself occupied, and my stress levels caused completly by the above people under control.

So, while in Montreal, I found this really cool Lego Technic set. I'm going to be building this, and posting my progress on my blog here. I've always wanted to do a Lego Technic set, specifically the crane (I really like the bulldozer too!), but have never had the time or desire to spend the money. So, when I came across this, I decided to splurge, and it might take my mind off things. I can only spend so much time out taking photos, working on the website, watching TV or reading. Need more frequent diverse things to do.

Build a realistic rescue vehicle!
This authentic model is ready to fight any
fire! Open the control panel on the side of the truck and use the 3 separate
gears to operate the aerial lift with ultimate precision. Adjust the boom
incline, angle and rotation -- the aerial lift raises to over 21" high and
rotates a full 360 degrees!
-Working outriggers lower to stabilize the truck!
-Use the gear at the back to control the steering!
-Rebuild into an equally authentic light-duty rescue truck!
-Includes building instructions for 2 models

Lego Technic has a bunch of cool machines to build, and if this goes well, there's a ton I want to do in the future! Check them out at:

Specifically, these are the models I want to do in the future when finances permit:

Tow Truck: