Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Banksville FD Old Engine 158 To Become Dump Truck

Posted by an EMTBravo.net member: "Unfortunately the old 158, a Mack has been sold. It will be reincarnated into a dump truck. The truck has served us well for 19 years, and will serve its new owner well. It is definitely sad to see her go but it was time."

Any chance that it could be saved? I'm sure it's still a useful Engine with life still left in her.

There are departments in this Country that would consider it a blessing to be able to obtain this engine at a low/no cost, especially in the Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane Rita affected areas.

These areas have been very negelected by the goverment, and lack the proper tools to serve their communties. We here in Westchester are very fortunate to have what we have, and going to these areas is like going to a third world country, IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!

Everyone was so quick to want to help immediately after these horrific storms, but it seems many have already forgotten while these communities are still, to this day, completly devastated.

To turn this Engine into a dump truck, IMO, is a tremdous waste. It could be used to potentially save more lives in the future.

Now, I love Banksville FD and am friends with many of their members, and I don't know anything about the disposition of this engine other then what was mentioned above, but I really hope that this Engine can be saved from all things, a fate as a dump truck, and given to a needy community.

Or, maybe someone else reading this is getting ready to replace apparatus and will think how fortunate they are and how their "old" or "obsolete" piece could once again become very valuable to another community.

I know my department is going to be disposing of an Engine soon, that with some minor TLC, would still be very useful for many years. I hope they donate it to a needy community here in the USA, and I will push for that when the time comes.