Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Greenburgh Multi-Agency Cooperation Commendable

On 9-25-07, Greenburgh Police, Greenburgh Technical Rescue Team, Greenburgh (career) FD's (Hartsdale FD, Greenville FD, Fairview FD), and Greenburgh DPW assembled at Desanti Plaza in Hartsdale, for a confined space detail.

Greenburgh DPW was making an investigative entry into a storm drain/underground river that drains into the Bronx River that failed during heavy rains in April 2007, causing devastating flooding in downtown Hartsdale.

All units on scene cooperated to make sure all safety precautions were met, and entry was made by a Greenburgh Firefighter/Technical Rescue Team member and Greenburgh DPW member (also trained in confined space entry) to investigate and determine the problem.

During this detail, members of all agencies on scene also trained together on confined space and rope rescue techniques, and command and communications integration. Greenburgh PD's new Mobile Command Unit was on scene, and was utilized for technical assistance with the entry.

This successful multi-agency effort once again proved how all Town Of Greenburgh departments can respectfully synergize to provide top-notch, critical services to the Town Of Greenburgh residents.

Lessons learned at this detail/drill reinforced the importance of interagency cooperation and frequent training and utilization of equipment.

In addition, and most importantly, members investigated a possible cause of a devastating flood so that any problems can be rectified to prevent reoccurrence.

Many Hartsdale residents gathered in curiosity to watch the operation, and were very impressed (and IMO comforted for lack of a better word) by the level of service provided, qualifications of the manpower, and equipment used by the Town's agencies.

Photos are posted on http://www.emtbravo.com/