Monday, September 24, 2007

Norwalk's New RED Engine 1

City Of Norwalk, CT's New Engine 1

2007 Spartan/Marion

This is a new (conterversial) paint scheme for Norwalk FD. For many years, their apparatus has been all white with a red stripe. With this delivery, all Norwalk apparatus from this point on will be red, including the new Rescue, which is currently being spec'd.

Norwalk is appox. 45 minutes from NYC, on the Long Island Sound off I-95 in Southern Fairfield County, CT. They serve a very diverse city, with a large mix of income levels. Also, a very large area of diverse residential, commerical, industrial and institutional facilities, as well as several major roadways.

They have a really, really great and talented apparatus maintainence staff, that has built several custom apparatus for the department using a mix of aqquired chasis and bodies. They operate from a former transit bus garage opposite the Volk Central Fire Station (Sta 2) across I-95. The spacious facilty houses a large, well equipped shop as well as housing for Norwalk's antiques, and special operations vehicles.

Anyways, here's the photos. More can be found on