Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Out Of Towners NYPD Welcome To NYC

So, my wife's cousins, ages 7, 14, and 17 came to town from Colorado with their mother to watch NY Baseball as their combined birthday gifts a few weeks ago.

After a nighttime Yankees game, they catch a cab back to their hotel room in Manhattan. During the trip, the cab becomes involved in an accident in a sketchy dark neighborhood in the Bronx.

The cab driver gets into an intense verbal altercation with the other driver, while they remain in the car, and after several minutes a cop shows up.

With the cab being undriveable, the cabbie informs my family that he's unable to get them to their destination. So, here they are, in the middle of some scary South Bronx neighboorhod, and no other cabs are coming by.

So, my aunt asks the cop on scene how she could safely get her and her boys back to their hotel room. The cops has major attitude and sounds annoyed and says "It's not my problem". So she asks where she can get another cab. He points and directs her three blocks in another direction, but cautions her that she'll probaly get mugged on the way and might not get a cab for a while. She asks about a bus or subway, but the cop says he doesn't ride the bus or subway, so he doesn't know. So she asks if the cop can take her to a safer location or to the hotel, which wasn't too far away. He again states that it's not his problem, gets into the car, and leaves. The other driver of the vehicle that hit the cab leaves.

So, finally, the cab driver calls his cousin, who doesn't speak a word of english, and he comes in his own personal, beaten down station wagon and drives them back to the hotel.
I mean, what was wrong with that cop?

I know complaints are often filed against Police Officers because of bogus things, but this guy definetly deserves some discipline and training on what being a police officer is all about. Leaving 3 kids and a woman from out of town alone in the middle of the Bronx. Real nice guy.
Just wondering what others thoughts are on this situation?