Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seinfeld Moves To 5PM EST On TBS!!

Well, yesterday, I went to watch my two Seinfeld episodes at 6PM, like I do almost every weekday evening (sadly), and I look foward to it.

So, when I turned on the TV, and saw possibly one of my most hated shows on.....I shudder even saying it...."Friends", I was curious and hoping it was just a temporary shuffle for when they have the Atlanta Braves game one.

After a little investigating, it seems TBS has moved the Seinfeld block to 5PM. I liked it where it was. Oh well, thankfully I have Tivo and am able to adjust my TV viewing schedule quite easily.

They call themselves the funny channel. This move isn't funny to me! Thanks Ted Turner! (Grrrr!)


"Why Don't You Just Say The Name Of The Movie?"