Sunday, November 11, 2007

Matt Lamb

Matthew Lamb, an EMT for Empire State Ambulance, died this past Thursday after the ambulance he was riding in struck a tree. At the time, he was on duty with Empire State Ambulance, returning from a transport.

Matthew was 25 years old, and engaged to the love of his life, Jennifer. He was a very active member of Carmel FD, and Carmel VAC. Matthew was in traumatic arrest at the scene, but resuscitated and transported to Hudson Valley Hospital. Although he was clinically brain dead, he was flown via Stat Flight from Hudson Valley Hospital to Westchester Medical Center, so that he could give others a chance at life by donating his organs.

On Thursday morning, November 8th, at 5AM, Matthew died with his fiance and family by his side, after he saved several more lives.

Matthew was loved by everyone who knew him, and the devastation of his tragic fate has sent shockwaves throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

I didn't know Matt, and I regret that. In my five years running EMTBravo, this is one of the biggest outpourings of support from the EMTBravo community I've seen since Jimmy Boy also tragically passed away.

I really believe in fate and karma, and believe God took Matthew because he needed him for a higher purpose. But one is still left to ponder how many wounds that has caused to those of us still living? It's caused wounds, but I think many of us will carry on Matt's legacy, and lessons learned from him. If anything, we've learned to value life and appreciate every moment we have with each other, because you never know how your life can change in a second.

As a newlywed, I couldn't imagine the devastation of losing my fiance, and that's what hit me the hardest. It's very apparent that Jen and Matt were madly in love, and they were ready for a blissful life together. I don't know Jen, but my prayers are with her, and I know Matt's will be there with her in spririt for the rest of her life. But, there's no real words for that kind of devastation, no way to fill that void. She'll have a lot to carry with her each day, but love will always be there as will the support of all her friends and family who also love her.

If you're a registered member of, we ask that you take a moment to sign the online condolence card, which will be printed and sent to the family.

Matt will be buried tommorow, but he'll NEVER be forgotten, and I will make sure that he's never just some inscription in a memorial.