Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Westchester Emergency Services Fair

I had an idea.

What if Westchester County D.E.S. and the Department Of Public Safety hosted a "Fire, Police & EMS Service Fair" at the D.E.S. facility in Valhalla??

My vision is that it would be on a Saturday morning in Spring or Fall. The event would be promoted countywide, via TV, Radio, signage, and the internet.

Each Westchester Department could pitch in, to provide static displays of equipment and apparatus, especially all the special equipment the county has.

Departments could provide live demonstrations of techniques and tatics, such as structure fire, rapelling, pump and ladder operations, EMS BLS & ALS, extrication, etc.

Booths could be set up for Fire and Crime prevention, and EMS education. Tours of 60 Control could be provided.

A pancake breakfast could be held to raise money for related charities.

Media could be invited for a special media education session, so the local reporters can learn terminology and what happens at a scene so they can report more accurately.

The list of possiblities is endless, and I think this type of annual event would become extremly popular. This not only would be fun and educational for children, but also the adults that attend would get to see what their emgergency service responders are capable of. It would be a fun event for all.