Friday, May 25, 2007

My Metro North Museum Wish

I wish that Metro North could incorporate a museum into their new Harmon Shop Complex. That way, they could take the history of a great and interesting railroad and preserve it. It would be a great place for some of the old FL-9's/FL-10's to go when they finally retire, as well as the M-1's and other assorted pieces of the railroad's history. I'm sure that a few of the Metro North retirees would be more then happy to staff it, and they would get a lot of visitors.

If not, I hope the FL 9's/10's in all color schemes go to Danbury Rail Museum. BTW, worth it to join as a member if you're a FRN like myself. It's a great place, and can use all the support it can get. If you haven't been, put it on your list for this summer....if you go on a slow weekday, you can have some time to explore some awesome old railcars and locomotives without the family crowd the weekend brings. They also have a great gift shop.

Here's the roster of equipment they have:

Also, click here for a video clip of my favorite car they have (an ex-NH Budd RDC)