Monday, May 07, 2007

Greenburgh Almost Went Away From Mack...

Doing some research, I found this snippet online regarding the Greenburgh Town 2001 Budget

"The Town is considering purchasing other than Mack trucks because they are less
expensive. Since Mack trucks have a longer wheel base, they can carry more sand
and do not have to make as many trips back to the yard to reload. Questions were
raised about whether the Town will adequately study more than just initial
purchase price. Repair history, life span and interchangeability of parts also
need to be carefully considered."

This disgusts me. Thankfully, someone smart must have stepped in and proven the facts questioned above, because Greenburgh is still using Macks.

The Greenburgh DPW fleet has been mainly Mack for as long as I can remember. As a Mack & DPW truck enthusiast, I have always admired their fleet. As I've detailed in other posts on this blog, the town has nickeled and dimed the essential services. Thankfully, some adminsitrators of the agencies have fought, and are fortunate to use decent equipment-that's when they can get it appproved. The more you pay in taxes in Greenburgh...the less you get.

I'm glad they decided to stick with Mack. It would have been stupid to stray away after so many years and so many Macks in the fleet. Even though they are now owned and manufactured by Volvo Truck North America, the still come from Macungie, PA (near Allentown) and are still a great, powerful, quality, truly "single source"truck, as proven by the numerous agencies that are continuing to add Mack Granites to their fleet. Also, Greenburgh DPW mechanics have been working on Mack trucks for years, and have an extensive Mack parts inventory. To strip away Macks from Greenburgh DPW to go with a "cheaper" truck would have cost the town even more money.

I must also note that many of Greenburgh DPW's Mack's have been remanufactured or refurbished, many in house and many several times. They have Mack trucks over 20-30 years old in, great shape. (Many of the older Macks are used just for sanding and plowing) That says something in itself.

Here's an example of Greenburgh DPW Truck 10, a 1980 Mack that was recently refurbished.