Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coolest Alarm Clock EVER!

I remember seeing this idea somewhere on TV a couple of years ago, where it was developed by college engineering students and won an invention contest.

Really cool idea!
Zzzzz...huh, wha? #@$%!! Come back here!

Sleep. The demesne of Hypnos and Morpheus. Once the playground for
the exhausted geek, now a wasteland of antiproductivity. Are you writing code?
No. Are you pwning n00bs? No. Are you farming gold so you can buy that mount in
Silvermoon? No.
Sleep when you die, man. Staying awake is the only way to
get things done anymore. So when your weekly intake of REM is limited to the
single digits, you need an effective waking mechanism. Something to jog your
mind as well as your body in an effort to pump blood back to your extremities
and grey matter. Clocky is here! All Hail Clocky!
This little wonderful
wheeled alarm clock started as an engineering student's project. Having trouble
waking up herself, Gauri Nanda developed Clocky to shriek annoyingly and
effectively, waking you up. The fun doesn't end there, kiddies. It leaps off of
your night stand, and drives around your room, making random turns and racing
away from your grasp. Now you have to get out of bed and hunt the little bugger
down to turn it off.
Now, you're awake, and it's time to get things done.