Friday, May 11, 2007

Study Guide For Westchester FF Exam

So, I was digging through my files today and found this. It's dated 1999, and applicable to the Westchester County Fire Exam, which is ultimately developed and administered by the New York State Civil Service.

I've taken this test twice, and both times it was the same test, and this was the guide.I don't know if NYS has switched to a new kind of test, but I highly doubt it. Nor do I know if they are giving out study guides with the confirmations or classes. Both I urge people to use and take.

I am providing this guide in .doc format. Please use it to help study for the FF exam. Note I cannot guarentee this will be applicable to the upcoming exam, but it is still helpful.

If you pass this guide along, don't forget to mention this blog or

This guide was produced and distributed by NYS, and they hold all rights to the document. *If this file does not work for you, let me know.