Saturday, December 08, 2007

The 2007 Granville Christmas Tree

So, based on the fact that I'll hopefully be living just a little north of the area sometime soon (grrr on the housing market), I took the Jones Family Farm as recommended by friends on the EMTBravo Network forums.

We went to get our tree this afternoon. It was AWESOME! I couldn't believe the amount of trees they still had-rolling hills with hundreds of acres of beautiful trees. A very busy but very organized operation. I hope this place stays around for a while, and no greedy developer gets his hand on it.

And, coming up on the Merritt Parkway, one out of every 5 cars had a tree almost guarenteed from this place on their roof.

Jones Family Farms, Shelton CT- HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!!

Here's me with the tree, right before I take it's life so it can sit in my living room for a month and then get tossed out....but I guess it's good in a way, it keeps money in agriculture and the tree usually reused somehow benefical. Plus, it's pretty, fun to decorate, smells nice and puts me in the Christmas spirit.