Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Visit To Orlando 12-1-07

Last week, Kris and I visited friends who live in Orlando, FL.

We had a great time, we visited Disney World (haven't been there since I was 4). I've got to say, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain rock!

We also want to this amazing event called "Ice", at the Gaylord Palms Resort And Convention Center in Orlando. They fly in world famous Chinese Ice Sculptors, and take a large part of the convention floor and tents, and create these giant ice sculptures. You're given a parka as you walk through the exhibits, since it's nine degrees. When you exit, you have the option of taking a trip down a slide made entirely of ice. Really, really cool thing to do while in Florida during Christmastime!

One of the highlights of the trip was flying jetBlue out of HPN (Westchester County Airport). The trip down, we departed 5 minutes late and arrived 1/2 hour early! On the trip back, we were treated to an exciting landing courtesy of 40+ MPH wind gusts. Despite the plane rocking from side to side, the jetBlue pilot did an amazing job, and we landed smoothly, as the passengers erupted in applause. But we were stuck on the plane for 15 minutes after arriving at the gate.....because it was so windy, they couldn't get the airstairs to the plane safely.