Sunday, December 23, 2007

Boton College Vs. Northeastern University

Yesterday, Kristen, my mother, sister, and I traveled to Boston College to attend the Boston College vs. Northeastern Mens basketball game. I graduated from Northeastern, and my sister from BC, so it was a fun game and rivalary. (My mother roots for BC though-crazy BC Men's basketball and football superfan) BC won, but only by a point and both teams played a great game. We had a great time, and a great dinner at Vinny T's in Brookline afterwards.

Believe it or not, this was my first time at a live sporting event. I must say, I enjoyed it tremendously. Much more fun to be there in person then to watch it on TV.

Also, I noticed Chipotle, my favorite burrito resturant chain, is making it's move into New England, opening two locations. One is in Brookline, MA..down the street from BC, and the other suprised me even West Warwick, RI where Bickford's used to be. And, across the street from Walt's Roast Beef......a favorite stop for me when I choose I-95 to travel home from Boston.

Why can everyplace else in the country get Chipotle but Westchester? CHIPOTLE...come to the Hudson Valley already so I don't have to travel by train once a week to Grand Central to satisfy my craving at the Chipotle near Lexington Ave on 44th St. I can guarentee it would be inmmensly popular!!