Monday, December 17, 2007

The Farnsworth Invention-GO SEE IT!

Last Sunday, December 9th, I had the chance to go see "The Farnsworth Invention", starring Hank Azaria (Voice of many characters on "The Simpsons") and written by Aaron Sorkin ("West Wing" creator)

This drama was based on the actual invention of the television, and all the drama and conterversy surrounding the main characters, Philo Fansworth and David Sarnoff. I found the show to be fast-paced, and packed with information. I went into the show after reading the reviews, expecting it to be so-so, but I really, really loved the show. The acting and the way the information was presented were both excellent. Very stimulating, great diologue, exactly what you would expect from Aaron Sorkin. Both Hank Azaria (David Sarnoff) and Jimmi Simpson (Philo Farnsworth) were both terrific in their roles. Hank Azaria's voice in the role of Sarnoff was great, sounded very similar to "Moe The Bartender" on "The Simpsons". Also had a great stage presence.

I highly reccomend this play. It's playing at the Music Box Theatre at 235 W. 45th St. in Manhattan. I don't know how long it's playing for, especially with Hank Azaria in the cast, so I'd see it as soon as possible.