Monday, October 08, 2007

Tappan Zee Bridge News

In Tappan Zee Bridge news:

Today, I notice they are placing new barricade/side rails on the bridge to replace the small, low obosolete (IMO) grate-type rail currently there. I can't get a photo, but the barriers look like a steel or heavy aluminum tall "Jersey Barrier", with a rail along the top. These seem much better then what they have now. It seems it would contain a car or truck from plunging off the bridge, and also make anybody contemplating jumping off the bridge think twice, as it will be harder to scale this new style barrier.

It's currently installed on the northbound side, on the causeway portion of the bridge right before you enter Nyack. I don't know if they're going to do the whole bridge, or those are just prototypes. I hope they do the whole bridge, because it's sorely needed.

Also, a new Wrecker 1 is about to be placed into service for the Tappan Zee Bridge Patrol. It's currently being readied at the NYSTA West Nyack Equipment Maintainence Section. Photos on

Chasis is a Sterling Acterra, body is by Weld-Built, a Long Island based company that specializes in special service wreckers for tunnel and bridge patrols. Although this appears like it can tow a medium size truck, I'm suprised they didn't get one of those self loading wheel lift wreckers, where the operator doesn't even have to get out of the truck to load the car. Seems that would be safer and more efficient.

Anways, it's good to see a new addition to the Bridge Patrol fleet, it's sorely needed and deserved as there current fleet is showing its age...and mileage. These guys deserve top notch equipment and staffing, just like the George Washington Bridge has.

This is a heavily trafficed, (proven) dangerous bridge, and needs more funding for the Bridge Patrol program.