Friday, October 19, 2007

Bully Of The 8:02 To Penn Station

Definetly an interesting story....

October 14, 2007 -- He's the self-appointed etiquette enforcer of the Long
Island Rail Road - only he's more Charles Bronson than Emily Post.
Chat too loudly or yap on your cellphone too long near John Clifford, and the hulking, 6-foot-4 ex-cop will get in your face.
Protest or persist, and he's apt to
get ugly.
Cowering commuters on the 8:02 a.m. from Long Beach to Penn
Station say they've witnessed Clifford scream, punch and poke, swat cellphones,
pour coffee over heads, and even throw an egg sandwich - an incident he denies
but which earned him the nickname "The Eggman" among fellow travelers.