Friday, October 05, 2007

Orange County Choppers New World Heaquarters Progress Newburgh NY OCC American Chopper

This morning, I decided to take a ride up to Newburgh, to check out the progress of Orange County Choppers (of "American Chopper" fame) new World Headquarters, located off Route 17K by the I-87/I-84 interchange in Newburgh.

I had passed it on my way home from Montreal last week, suprised knowing it was being built but actually seeing it, and was too tired to backtrack and get photos.

Initially, I had heard that this project was being funded by the Discovery Channel, and it was going to be a production studio coupled with a tourist attraction (viewing area for visitors to watch bikes being built, etc) as well as OCC's headquarters and manufacturing facilty. I thought this was supposed to be completed months agos.

Also, apparently the OCC owners have their own construction company, "Full Throttle Construction", or at least it seems because they have a similar logo.

I don't know if "American Chopper" still has the same popularity it once did, especially since they switched from Discovery to TLC. Also, whenever I tune in it's always a repeat or the same old stuff.

That's why I think this building came a little too late for fans, but maybe chopper enthusiasts are now the main target.

Impressive looking building, and I look foward to visiting the completed "OCC World Headquarters"