Sunday, October 21, 2007

Metro North Railroad Harmon Shops Open House 10-20-07

On Saturday, October 20th 2007 I had the pleasure of attending the Metro North Railroad Open House, which took place at their Harmon Shops facility in Croton.

When I arrived at 10AM, the line for the shuttle bus was already long. Arriving at the shops, Peekskill VAC had 75-B-2 on display, and Metro North ESU had their radio truck and equipment out.

Upon entering the shops, I was given a map to guide me through the various exhibits in the shop. All divisions of Metro North had some sort of exhibit, and many trains and related equipment were on display. Although I've been to this facility a few times before, it always impresses me.

The hospitality of the Metro North staff at the event was amazing. Very friendly and knowlegable, which is not a suprise at all as the staff encountered on the trains- the people of Metro North that are seen the most- are always very friendly, pleasant, and outgoing.

I learned and saw some cool things at this open house, and am very appreciative that Metro North puts on such a comprehensive event for families and enthusiasts.

However, I did have one idea for the event.

I think that Metro North should open the event 1 hour early to those who want to take photographs. Several times throughout the event, I was berated by obnoxious, territorial "railfans" who had their tripods out and, in a gang like fashion, would't let anyone near some of the train displays for several minutes while they got their shots. They even yelled at little kids trying to look over the massive locomotives. This event had a huge turnout, including a lot of families and kids. A great event for all, but maybe a portion should be reserved for those who really want to lookover the displays without having to wade through little kids running everywhere and crowding each display and train. Although if I was a kid, I'd probaly behave the same way, because this event was awesome.

Anyways, I am VERY appreciative to Metro North for holding such a comprehensive event for people of all ages, especially nowadays. Very unique, and that's what makes it THE best commuter railroad in the world.