Monday, August 21, 2006

Fall Is Travel Season For x635!

Well, as it traditionally is, Fall is travel season for me.

My upcoming trips include:
  • Los Angeles- A trip to LA with my fiance Kristen, at the end of August, to include a trip to Newport Beach, attending The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and dinner at Spago's. This trip was an '05 Christmas gift from Kris, and is for pleasure, and not buff, err, enthusiast business like it usually is (but hopefully will get some photos along the way). (American Airlines)
  • Orlando- A trip to Orlando, FL with Kristen mid-September. I've never been to Orlando before. Kristen went to college there, and we are going to visit her awesome friends there. (jetBlue)
  • San Francisco & Los Angeles- A buff trip to San Francisco, then to LA for a week in early October (jetBlue) . While in LA, I will be staying, hanging out, and buffing with my good friend Orlando, and I hope to top last years trip which I know we will. I also am possibly riding along with LA City FD's Battalion 14, and of course, eating at In 'n' Out. I've never been to San Francisco or NoCal before.(jetBlue)
  • Oregon- Will be going to Oregon mid-October for a week with Kristen, and exploring the state. I've never been to Oregon before. (American Airlines)
  • Boston/Worcester- A New England buff trip scheduled for mid-October
  • London- Sometime in the Winter, to visit my sister who is attending (on a full scholarship) Oxford University for graduate school. And guess what? I've never been to Europe or even another country before!

As usual, my camera will be tagging along, and you will be able to find photos of my trips on And stay tuned to this blog for entries about the trip, and possibly some entries during the trip. I am so looking foward to the above adventures! Special thanks to Kristen and all the miles she accrues for business on American Airlines (the only reason I'm flying them!- jetblue rules!)