Monday, August 28, 2006

ASVAC's Building Comes Crashing Down

Well, in a couple of swoops of an excavators claw, Ardsley-Secor VAC's building came crashing down today. The new building is scheduled to arrive on September 27th, and will be lifted onto the foundation on September 28th. The current building, which used to be a bank in Mount Vernon before it was trucked to Ardsley for it's current use. The new building will be a prefabricated building (also trucked into Ardsley!) with a meeting room, storage and decontamination rooms, and 1 ambulance bay. I'm not a member of Ardsley VAC nor have I ever been, but my grandfather helped start ASVAC in the 60's, and hellped arrange for their current building. Before the building that is being demolished now, when ASVAC first started, the ambulance was stationed at my grandparents house for a short period. So that is my connection. Here are some photos, as well as a couple extras from around the Village of Ardsley thrown in.

ASVAC's dilipadated, obsolete, and unsafe building as it stood earlier this month.

And ASVAC building as it looked today @ 10AM:

This is ASVAC's sole ambulance 50-B-1, or locally as 914. A 2001 Ford E-450/Lifeline Superliner, it is currently being housed in a temporary cage in a corner of the ASVAC property. When construction blocks the cage during the work day, it will be stored at the temporary firehouse. ASVAC is BLS, and their ALS is provided by Greenburgh PD*EMS Car 75 which responds from Dobbs Ferry Hospital.

Here, asbestos removal and demo prep work continue on Ardsley's old firehouse, and it is scheduled to come down within the next two weeks. Lots of memories, and a sad loss. Used to be the village hall, court and police station, where my father was an officer.

And finally, here is Ardsley Temporary firehouse. Work is complete, and this is the finished product. Functionally, in my opinion, it's nicer then the old firehouse and the location is very cool. It used to be the old Westchester Garage. It's on Saw Mill River Road/ Route 9A just north of Ashford Ave. The trucks fit better in here then the old firehouse above. They're expected to be here for 2 years at the most. I am planning on following this whole process photographically, so stay tuned. Congrats to both agencies, both projects have been long fought for!