Friday, August 25, 2006

My First Video

After talking with Truck4 last night about the whole internet video craze, I decided to take an oppurtunity today to use the video feature on my tactical camera for the first time.

It was a shot of oppurtunity, and I admit it is quite a boring clip, it marks my entry into the online video world. It's of one of my local fire engines, Greenville Engine 150, backing into quarters after a run.

Now that I'm interested in shooting video after thinking of all the great video oppurtunities I have missed in the past, I may shoot more in the future. Thanks for adding yet another thing to my list, Mike, lol! It's funny how I could have caught a great clip of them responding today, but I wasn't thinking like a good videographer at that point.

Warning: Discretion is advised. Video contains content of an extremly buffy nature, and is very boring.

Filmed 8-25-06 at about 1200hrs by x635