Thursday, February 28, 2008

Holmes On Holmes

On my cable system, one of the few channels they carry beyond the "standard" cable channels is Discovery Home Network. This channel focuses on all things related to your home.

On Discovery Home, the carry a show called "Holmes On Homes" . It's a show that originates in Canada, where it airs on the Canada cable channel "Home And Gardens", where it is the highest rated show on the network.

It features this AWESOME general contractor, who goes in and fixes up houses for homeowners that have been victimized by shady or negligent contractors.

Mike, seems like an awesome and down-to-earth guy. He is knowlegable about all things home, and he puts all the problems encountered in an easy-to-understand manner. He makes the show very enjoyable and very educational to watch.

If you have Discovery Home, I highly reccomend checking it out or Tivo'ing it.