Monday, February 25, 2008

A Gas Station Without Gas

There is a Sunoco gas station on Central Ave, just north of West Hartdale Ave that I've been a customer of for a while.

A few months ago, every couple of days they'd run out of gas, then the pumps would break and be down for a couple of months. Several months ago, they replaced the pumps with brand new one. However, the pump are installed and ready to go-yet they still aren't turned on.

This gas station has a 24 hour Sunoco Mart, which tends to do great business, especially during the overnight hours. However, you ask the clerk when the gas is coming back, and he just shrugs-like he didn't even know they sold gas.

They can't even sell cigarettes anymore, a penalty of selling to minors. However, their overnight liquor and "other" sales to shady characters, some of which make the place a regular hangout, makes me wonder how and why they are staying in business.

The station is kept clean, at least. I just wished it had GAS!!!!