Monday, February 25, 2008

A Golden Oppurtunity At Hartsdale's 4 Corners

Just south of the intersection of Central Ave and West Hartsdale Ave (4 Corners) in Hartsdale, lies a golden real estate oppurtunity- and an oppurtunity for a desperately needed retail establishment.

We all know from my previous blog posts that Barnes and Noble is vacant, and Carvel (next door) will be closing. Well, now Carvel's neighbor, Domain, which is a high end furniture store, is going out of business.

Combined, and with appropriate traffic managment upgrades, this would be THE perfect spot for a Super Stop and Shop. The residents of Greenburgh, and Hartsdale, don't have a modern supermarket.

We have A&P and Pathmark on Central Avenue and Knollwood Rd, both of which are cramped, crowded, dirty, and obsolete.Central Avenue needs a full service, modern supermarket, and the Super Stop And Shop concept would fit perfectly in that location.