Monday, January 28, 2008

One Year

Today marks one year since I was seriously injured while at work on Hartsdale Fire District property.

I'm very lucky to say that I've recovered from my injuries, and have been cleared by both my personal doctors as well as my department's doctors to return to work full duty as a Firefighter.

It's been quite a year, and I give special thanks to my wife Kristen for getting me through it. She is my rock. This year has also given me the oppurtunities to see many people's true colors, and I really pity those people who've intentionally have tried and tried to kick me while I was down. But my spirit remains as strong as ever, and those people remain as miserable and pathetic as ever.

I am still as proud as ever to be a Firefighter with the Hartsdale Fire District, my dream job that I waited numerous years for. I've been employed there for over two years now. I can't wait until I get the letter telling me to return to work, something I have been waiting for for over 6 months. I love my job, and I love serving my community, and hopefully I'll be back soon behind the wheel of TL-15!!