Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking Bad

Last night, Kris and I caught the premiere episode of "Breaking Bad", a new drama series on AMC. Yes, AMC, AKA American Movie Classics. This show has nothing to do with American movie classics, so I don't know why it's on AMC, but I digress.

The series centers around a character named Walter White (Bryan Cranston, the dad from ("Malcolm in the Middle"). He is a high school chemistry teacher who lives in Albequque, New Mexico. He has a handicapped son, a pregnat wife, and works on the side at a car wash.

During the first episode, he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Worried about supporting his family, he teams up with a former student and steals supplies from the High School chemistry lab to make "perfect" crystal meth.

I don't want to spoil the episode, so I wont give away too much. I highly recommend checking this show's something fresh and new amongst the midst of the writers strike, and it will leave you wanting more.