Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stone Sour At The Chance Theatre Poughkeepsie

This past Friday evening, Kris and I attened the Stone Sour concert at The Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie. This was Kris's first metal concert.

First, the venue was awesome. It's a small theatre, so you're close to the band no matter where you are. A little run down and old, but it serves its purpose. It was also reassuring to see Poughkeepsie's Bravest come in to do an exit checks and a quick fire safety and occupancy check, especially with the crowd and age of the building.

The opening band, Human X, hails from Poughkeepsie and were awesome. I just ordered their CD from CD Baby, which is an awesome website for ordering unsigned bands or smaller labels. Maybe in the future I'll catch one of their live shows, since we came in halfway through their set and it was great enough for me to buy the CD.

The second band to take the stage was Dirty Little Rabbits, hailing from Johnston City, Iowa. I'll say they were very interesting, and leave it at that.

The next band to take the stage, Sydonia, hailed from Australlia and were unique and awesome. The bass and guitar players joined the drummer, with all three playing the drumset at once, which was awesome. Their beat thundered through the theatre, and I'm sure that people in East Fishkill could hear!

Finally, Corey Taylor and Stone Sour took the stage. (Corey Taylor is also the lead singer for the band Slipknot). They were absolutely amazing. I had listened to Stone Sour before, but was never really into them until seeing them open for Disturbed during the Music As A Weapon III Tour at the Mullins Center at UMass Amherst last November. Their performance their was awesome, the lead vocals, Corey Taylor, puts on an awesome live performance, is great at engaging the crowd, and is just a insanely talented performer who's songs actually have meaning. This was my second time seeing him live, and he delivered big time. They played an awesome set, the entire "Come Whatever May" album in order from start to finish. For an encore, they came on an played a few songs from the debut alblum, "Stone Sour". Extremly awesome performance. They brought down the house and then some.

Although they are a heavy, Grammy nominated metal band, they do have a mainstream hit that was #1 on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks in a row, "Through Glass"

You can listen to some of their tracks on their website or on their MySpace page.

The only dissapointment was that I won meet and greet passses, but no one knew anything about a meet and greet, so I missed that.

Corey left the stage with the message "Take Care Of Yourselves, Take Care Of Each Other, And Bring Our Troops Home! He's very much a rock star with intelligence and class.

Yes, I am made of scars. And my innocent wife is a budding, closet metal fan, despite the fact she'll deny it (Her favorite SS song was "Socio") Can't wait to take her to a Disturbed concert when they hit the road again. Also can't wait until Corey Taylor comes through the area again.