Monday, August 13, 2007

Call 911 Immediately If You See An Illegal Gun

The following is a letter to the editor I sent to The Journal News:

In August 13th's edition of "The Journal News", you quoted Whamon Pedrow as
saying "If you see a guy walking around with a gun, put a quarter in the phone,"
he said. "Do it anonymously."

Readers should know that they shouldn't
even have to worry about the quarter, they should just immediately find a phone
and call 911. You can remain anonymous. Make sure you give the police dispatcher
as many details as possible, like the description of the person and what he/she
is wearing, and anything else you notice.

A trivial argument on a hot
summer's night can quickly turn deadly when someone has a firearm and
impulsively uses it. Even if you don't think the person is planning on using the
weapon, still call 911 immediately, as someone walking around with a illegal gun
is a loose cannon- and you could be the next victim.

-Seth ********
Hartsdale (Greenburgh)