Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gas Prices: What's Up?

OK, Gas prices have gone insane, officially, I'm convinced.

Here's my survey based on recent fillups or observations within the past week:

Hartsdale, NY Sunoco Downtown $3.17

Exxon down the street from above: $3.02

Shell, in Hartsdale: $3.29

Garden State Parkway, NJ: $2.73

Danbury, CT Shell Mill Plain Rd.: $2.99

Danbury, CT Sunoco Mill Plain Road: $3.17

Mount Kisco: $3.28

Yorktown: $3.11

Now, keep in mind all gas stations priced above are name brands, in commercial areas with high traffic. What's with the extreme differences in price???? How can gas vary in prices so much in one town? It's ridiculous, and something's not right. But, regardless, it seems gas prices are coming down, hopefully they'll get back under $3.00 a gallon soon in NY. And, hopefully when Bush and Cheney depart the White House, we'll see prices fall even more, since hopefully the new leadership won't have a vested interest in oil companies making money.

I would say that increased fuel prices would be beneficial, because it would encourage people to use less. Instead, the middle and wealthy classes don't seem to be that phased by it, and the poor suffer even more.