Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Maneros Resturant In Greenwich,CT

Does anyone know what happened to Manero's Resturant in Greenwich on Steamboat Rd.?I used to eat there all the time as a kid...it was my favorite resturant. It was a great, family oriented old school steakhouse.

Some of my favorite menu items were the gorgonzola salad, the garlic bread, the chicken parm, the ribeye, the steak fries, and the ice cream roll desert ....all had their distinct Manero's delicious flavors. Also, the staff was always the same, familiar and friendly. The service and food always great and consistent.

In fact, their gorgonzola is so popular, that they are now bottling it and selling it on the web.

My last memory of Maneros was eating there sometime several years ago. Apparently, they had just sold the place, and the new owners were trying to fancy it up. The staff was new, the food sucked, and so did the service.

I presume Manero's closed....what has the building become? I had so many good memories of birthdays there, and many great meals. It's hard to din

Also, I remember my parents and grandparents telling me that their used to be one is Hartsdale, at the building on Central Ave built onto a slope with a distinct top floor, now housing Westchester Cardiac Rehab and Sports Medicine.

Their Florida location still exists at least

If you know anything, please add to the comments of this post.