Sunday, July 22, 2007

I HATE Nextel

I HATE Nextel.

Every time I have an issue, I call them and get passed around to several different people and departments, and each time having to explain the story again, and each time having to explain the story again becuase "I" called the wrong department- despite THEM transferring me around.

I recently had an issue where that was the case. They had billed me twice for one month- the exact amount twice, automatically debiting out of my bank account. I was passed around, and finally was so pissed off after 2 hours on the phone with several different departments denying that this occured and that they couldn't help me, that I asked to be transferred to the cancellations department. There, I was called a liar and they wouldn't let me out of my contract without paying them $500, and they could care less about the numerous problems I had with them over the months. I am now disputing the charges with my bank.

I am desperate to switch to Verizon. I just dread having to call Nextel, and spend 2 hours on the phone with them only for them to say "Sorry, we can't help you". The Direct Connect is great, but is not worth the aggrivation.

It shows a lot that they are dumping customers who complain-maybe if they SOLVED the problems they wouldn't have the issues.

I hope Nextel goes out of business for their arrogant, unorganized, and crappy customer service.