Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Update On Me 6-12-07

I'd like to take a moment to update everyone:

Although I still face some challenges, I continue to get better each day. I'm off the walker and the cane. I still cannot drive however, and don't get out much, that's a large part of the reason why you haven't been seeing many photos from me. Also, my injuries have kept me from several events and invites, and I am regretful that I missed many of them.

I hope to return to work as soon as I can. I love my job and my department, and a majority of my "brothers".

My wedding is less then a month away, and I'm very excited for that date and to marry Kristen!

I thank EVERYONE who has supported and encouraged me through this and continues to do so...it has been really,really tough and stressful and depressing. You have no idea how much it means that so many of you care.