Monday, June 11, 2007

FDNY Operational Reference, 7th Edition

The FDNY Operational Reference, 7th Edition, has just been published and is available for purchase here:

I HIGHLY reccomend this book (having read and owning the previous editions) especially if you're into FDNY. Extremly comprehensive guide, everything you ever wanted to know about FDNY!

FDNY Operational Reference, 7th ed., Jim Griffiths, 2007What has been
described as "the mother of all FDNY reference books" has gotten even better!
The FDNY Operational Reference covers engine, ladder, and rescue/squad
operations; includes chief officer operations, training, and statistics;
explains foam, hazmat, marine, collapse, pipeline, and airport operations;
provides details of dispatch operations, alarm assignment, and radio procedures.
It also lists apparatus assignment for each company and unit; includes an
overview of EMS operations and shows ambulance deployment, and much, much
more!Some highlights in this new edition: Strategic Plan for 2007-2008 New FDNY
Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness New high-tech FDNY Operations
Center Added Purple K Dry Chemical Units New Rescue 1 Vehicle Added Chemical
Protective Clothing Companies Revised Response Assignments including Major
Emergencies 2006 Fire and EMS Statistics Expanded Fire and EMS Training Increase
in Haz-Tac Ambulances, 5 of which are designated "paramedic rescue ambulances"
New Rescue Ambulances 8 1/2" x 11", 267 pages, softcover, BF1117 / $29.95