Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet Another Beautiful Piece In The Greenburgh DPW Fleet...

Here's yet another photographic Greenburgh DPW Truck (#10) that shows of the diverse and interesting fleet of vehicles maintained by Greenburgh DPW. This truck is in excellent condition, has been rebuilt several times by the Greenburgh DPW shops. It's primary role after many years is is to go out in the cold and make the town's roads passable during winter's snowy days.

Nothing like a Greenburgh DPW Mack. Hopefully, I can find in nice light and photograph one of their newer Mack Granites soon. But still nothing like this classic beauty.

And, here's Truck 6, a showing a little more wear and the old Greenburgh DPW paint job, white over orange (now all orange as seen above on Truck 10)