Friday, April 20, 2007

Craftsman Tools- What Happened?

My father had always used Craftsman Tools. They were sturdy and dependable. From tough toolboxes to drill presses and screwdrivers, he had it all. And if they did break, they replaced it-no questions asked. I have a Craftsman snowblower, and it is built great and durable.

Recently, I purchased a small Craftsman tool cart for delivery to my house. I'm using it to store some assorted stuff. When I got it, it was unbeliably a POS. It was made out of very lightweight thin aluminum, when you slid the drawers out it felt like the were going to pull out (and did) and the whole thing was manufactured as cheaply as possible. The drawers jammed repatedly hanging up on other drawers, and the whole thing was flimsy.

So, I asked a friend (Thanks hfd23) to return it to Sears. Not only did they not care, but they made him go all over the Sears White Plains just to get a refund- that's after he found someone who actually admitted to working there. Sears has some good products, but HORRIBLE customer service at their White Plains location from what I understand.

Afterwards, I sent him to Lowes, to see if the same kind of product was any different. Nope, same POS tool cart. Same with Home Depot.

Now, Home Depot's Rigid Brand, Lowes Kobalt Brand, and Craftsman still do make great stuff, but I'm amazed they put their names on these cheap piece of crap toolcarts.

I guess if you want a sturdy toolcart nowadays you go to the Northern Equipment catalog or Snap-On.

Well, he bought me a toolbox with small drawers that suits my needs. Even the more expensive toolcarts were still made the same way. I think when I buy a house, I'll justt refurbish my fathers old Craftsman boxes and tools. They really don't make them like they used to.