Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Greenburgh Emergency Services Nickled And Dimed By Paul Feiner-Again

According to the Journal News, Greenburrgh Police is requesting $97,000 to build a garage behind it's headquarters to house it's specialized vehicles.

I'm all for it. There's no reason that GPD's specialized vehicles, nor it's ambulances, flycars, and cruisers, should be housed outside. Protection from the elements for these vehicles is sorely needed. In the meantime, kick some of the DPW trucks out of the Sprain Rd. garage and put them in there.

In a Town that wouldn't think twice about spending $100,000 on an item for a park, or $30 million for a libary, it's a shame that they nickle and dime the Police Department. Disgusting. Feiner would rather spend $10,000 for a temporary "fabric structure" fix until they have the money to build a permanent structure. His reason for denying the funding- the library. I hope the residents of Greenburgh are happy in their new libary while the Police Department's fleet falls apart and puts the lives of the towns residents- and civil servants- in danger. For example, the Cascase vehicle operated by GPD is used in the region and is a neccesity in today's Haz-Mat world, not to mention fires.

It's too bad that the former Franks Nursery site is so contaminated by the decades of pesticide and other retail gardening chemical storage. That would make a perfect Police Headquarters and Court, with plenty of room for everything-including parking.

Again, Paul Feiner wastes the taxpayers money. Not only is he destroying the lifespan of the towns emergency vehicles, which will cost money when the vehicles have to be replaced sooner then needed, but he is also wasting money on a temporary fix. It would be nice if this town would take action instead of putting band aids on its wounds. Oh yes, and get its priorities straightened out. $30 Million Library in the internet age. Yes, Police Department Inexpensive Building To Protect Important Town Vehicles. No.