Friday, November 12, 2010

"Snow Men" Pulled Suddenly From Discovery Lineup

Tonight, I was looking foward to the show, "Snow Men". I even made sure the DVR was set this morning. (see prior blog post)

And all of a sudden, Discovery pulls it completly from it's line up, only hours before it's set to air it's second episode. No explanation or notice to the fans.

Instead, they are airing "Wreck Chasers", the show that highlights the skells of the towing industry, and damaged the reputation of the towing industry that the show "Wrecked" built.

Well, then again, that freak family on Discovery Channel's sister network TLC with 19 kids who are now having a secons grandchild or the show that the guy has four wivees, or the little people who make chocolate, are more important priorities to them.

Ir seems Discovery is all about exploiting people for ratings, with the exception of a couple of shows.

They better bring it back! I feel bad for all the people who worked on that show.