Friday, September 11, 2009

Wrecked Season 2 Finale: My Thoughts

Season 2 Finale:My Thoughts

The last two episodes of season 2 were basically clip shows, a retrospective of footage we've already seen. Boring and dissapointing. We already knew how they felt, as the show does a great job of explaining each recovery, while the camera documents the crews emotions. Nothing new was really shown.

I would have liked to see more action, like more use of the new Speed Crane for recoveries, or maybe a visit to Miller Industries to see 317 being built. Bill talks a lot about safety, but they should really show all the progressive things O'Hare has and does to keep it's operators safe. Show more of the Northlake facility and what it really takes to keep the trucks on the road. There are so many possibilities for this show then tractor trailer rollovers and winch outs. Hopefully, there will be a Season 3, and we'll delve more into the operation of one of the best towing and recovery operations in the world.

I've already sent my email to North-South productions and SPEED with my thoughts.........